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SGS & NOGS are looking for enthusiastic women geology role models for the Girl Scouts Louisiana East B.I.G. - Believe In Girls event at Southeastern University in Hammond Saturday September 24th.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Lisa Kennedy or Tom Bergeron to be placed on the schedule by emailing or Volunteers are needed in 2 shifts:

  • 9:30am - 12:30pm
  • 12:30pm - 3:30pm

SGS Monthly Technical Luncheon

Please join SGS for our October 2016 SGS luncheon on Thursday, October 13th at 11:30am at Bayou Ballroom on the 8th floor in Holiday Inn, 330 Loyola Ave. This month’s talk will be given by Scott Michell, BP America, and is titled "Subsalt Imaging: Snapshots in Time, Reflections, and Next Steps”. If you’d like to attend, kindly RSVP via email to Mike Schneider( by noon on Tuesday, October 11th.

October 2016 SGS Technical Luncheon


Subsalt Imaging: Snapshots in Time, Reflections, and Next Steps


Scott Michell, BP America


Many individuals, companies, consortia, and joint ventures have contributed to the current industry capabilities in subsalt imaging. The lecture will focus on the thought processes, business needs, and technologies that led to BP sponsoring two significant field trials of wide-azimuth acquisition technologies in 2005–2006 and how BP and the industry have responded since that time. Seismic acquisition is a necessary but not sufficient condition to achieving the subsalt image. Time processing, imaging algorithms, and the velocity model also are required to achieve a high-quality image and, as such, I will discuss some key enablers in the journey toward the industry’s current capabilities.

In the early 1990s, there were legitimate concerns about how and if we would be able to solve the subsalt imaging challenge. Evolution of acquisition design, signal processing, imaging algorithms, and velocity determination were and are required to deliver significant improvements. Developments in velocity-model building, depth imaging, and demultiple helped but not enough to develop deep water subsalt Gulf of Mexico (GoM) discoveries and to progress large investments in leases to drillable exploration prospects.

Significant effort over a sustained period of time on the impact that acquisition has on the image yielded two alternative designs, Wide-azimuth Towed Streamer (WATS) and Wide-azimuth Ocean-bottom Node (OBN) recording, to address the imaging challenges. Finite-difference modeling set the basic parameters that needed to be achieved in the field. Learnings from previous acquisition systems design efforts (Amoco SGR’s, Valhall permanent OBC, and other design efforts) and incorporating new technologies facilitated the application of the first WATS and commercial deep water OBN surveys in 2005–2006 at the Mad Dog and Atlantis fields in the GoM. Both surveys were a success, but there were some surprises, and gaps in the image remained. New acquisition techniques led to additional processing innovations, improved application of existing technologies, and significant demands on computational resources.

Wide-azimuth Towed Streamer and OBN acquisitions have had broad take-up since their introduction. The technologies have evolved allowing for more efficient, wider azimuth, and longer offset acquisition. The application of these designs and their impact, along with 3D VSPs, to fill in imaging gaps will be the subject of the lecture, including some recent 4D results. Significant progress has been made, but many challenges remain.


Scott Michell joined Conoco in Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1991 where he spent a great deal of time learning the craft of seismic processing and the link between seismic acquisition and the final image. While at Conoco, Michell was fortunate to see the industry move from one that was predominantly 2D to 3D data. He worked closely with the R&D teams and the processing teams to deliver high-end land and marine images with a variety of challenges including permafrost and other complex near-surface issues, multiples, anisotropy, and the challenge of moving from time imaging to depth imaging.

Upon joining BP Exploration in 1997, Michell took up the challenge of understanding acquisition footprint on TZ data and subsalt imaging. He was involved in designing and implementing a unique joint venture of five oil companies called SMAART, which was formed in 1998. As the BP technical representative, Michell worked with the SMAART Joint Venture to investigate and apply strategies for removing multiples from beneath salt and later to investigate impact of acquisition on subsalt imaging. The SMAART JV was awarded the SEG Distinguished Achievement Award in 2008. After his involvement with the SMAART JV ended, Michell went back to the depth-imaging problem examining strategies to build complex salt models and incorporating multiple data sets. He was part of the BP team that developed, designed, and implemented both the WATS technology and the OBN applications in the Deep Water GoM campaign. After the OBN and WATS surveys, Michell managed a team of leading scientists in BP’s Advanced Seismic Imaging Flagship group. He also has been the seismic delivery manager for North America Gas and Alaska. He is currently the seismic delivery manager for the Gulf of Mexico region, which has just completed an extensive 4D OBN campaign and two very large 3D VSPs.


SGS & NOGS are looking for enthusiastic women geology role models for the Girl Scouts Louisiana East B.I.G. - Believe In Girls event at Southeastern University in Hammond Saturday September 24th.

Volunteers are needed for 3 hour shifts. This is a fun filled learning experience where the girls will learn about the properties of oil, its presence in rocks and how oil fields are created. We will be joined by The Southeastern Geophysical Society and The Society of Petroleum Engineers Delta Chapter. The event is STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) focused with over 30 science industry careers and 1,400 inquisitive girl scouts.

Please join this fun filled event!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Lisa Kennedy to be placed on the schedule. 504-782-7100 call or text . Volunteers are needed in 2 shifts:
9:30am - 12:30pm
12:30pm - 3:30pm

You are also welcome to join me all day if you would like!


New Time for Winter Social: February 26th


August 18th, 19th & 20th 2015

Hilton Riverside New Orleans

Geoscience Opening Seminar, August 18

“The Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Reservoirs and Traps, Northern Deep Water Gulf of Mexico” with Paul Weimer, University of Colorado

This course will summarize the temporal and spatial evolution of the reservoirs for the 220 fields in the northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Lectures and exercises will address the key components of each of the major reservoirs by age. The trap types for all of the fields are reviewed and placed within their regional context and exploration province type.

Tickets for the Geoscience Seminar are $225.00 and can be purchased along with your DWTS registration at


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